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Hello Friends!

I will be taking an indeterminate hiatus from this blog because I feel Han Geng is in a good place in his life right now. I started this blog after the lawsuit while there were tons of speculations and misunderstandings surrounding him. I wanted to show my support, clear the misconceptions, and let everyone know what a wonderful person he is. He sure didn’t disappoint!! :D He worked hard, and along with Gengfans’ support, he is able to be happy and do all the things he always dreamed of. Throughout these past few years, we’ve been through lots of ups and downs with Han Geng (more ups than downs thankfully) and created many great memories. I’m so glad you’ve been here with me all this time. I also want to thank every one of you for following this blog. To me, every “follow” means you showing your support for our Genny.~♥♥♥ I will continue to support him through my personal blog at Come say hi whenever.. Don’t be a stranger and continue to show your love to Han Geng!!


A couple others and I updated Han Geng’s wiki because a lot of non-fandom people have been looking him up on google ever since Michael Bay announced his casting in Transformers 4. I just want to point out that the list of awards he has won (compiled by windchimehg) is a thing of beauty.

Honestly, I lost track a looooooooong time ago so this is good..

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